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Sunny Bridge has fruit.

About Sunny Bridge Natural Foods & Café

Our Mission

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods storefront.

To empower individuals to positively change & maintain their health, well being & lifestyle.

We are dedicated to accomplishing our mission by providing a caring, friendly atmosphere focused on health education and health improvement. Our knowledgeable employees are always available to help you make informed decisions that support good overall health.

Large Selection

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods offers a large variety of natural and organic products and dietary supplements. Our low carb and gluten free sections are the largest in the Pittsburgh area!

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff is always available to help with any of your dietary needs, questions and selections.

Special Orders

If there is something that you do not see on our shelves or in our virtual store, we would be happy to try and locate it for you. Special orders are always welcome.

Our Products

  • Are all natural and/or organically grown
  • Are significantly free of artificial colors, preservatives, scents, or flavorings
  • Do not possess highly processed or synthetic sweeteners
  • Do not contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
  • Have not been exposed to irradiation
  • Do not contain bovine growth hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals
  • Do not consist of genetically modified crops
  • Have not been tested on animals
  • Are environmentally safe